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popcorn's pim possible mix
47:16 (34mb) [download mp3]
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i wish.. for all my dreams and desires to come true!

OUR BEAR: Snuggletron 5000

[\ view all photos from anything is possible \]

[\ view all photos from anything is possible \]

the enchanting forest, a mythical cave, our sunset of dreams.
champagne toast. catering by chris buccheri.
secret surprises. life magical photography.
late-nite dessert by sharlena.
magic & mystery of jeff grow.
popcorn makes you wiggle.

new year's eve
@ center stage
48 w. 21st st
4th floor

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video from light: journey to the center of the youniverse

i wish.. that everyone has the strength and wisdom to release their divinity into the world
i wish.. I was a mad man sucking down a fat can of pure jonsey juice in my hat man!
i wish.. the person i love and the person who loves me were the same
i wish.. For an honest answer, if not a straight one. . . .
i wish.. that Ryan would call me back like he said he would and want to hang out on New year's.
i wish.. I wasn't unemployed, living with my in-laws, playing world of warcraft all day in my bathrobe
i wish.. I still believed in Santa Claus
i wish.. wings would grow out of my fingers and i could fly awayyyyyyyyyyy
i wish.. for a chance to say "I love you" again to someone worthy of mine
i wish.. to experience falling in love all over again, even though it's with the same guy.
i wish.. for all my dreams and desires to come true!
i wish.. to remember that revenge is like taking poison and expecting the other guy to die....
i wish.. i could move back home and live with my curly haired freind
i wish.. everything preceded by "french" were, instead, preceded by "freedom."
i wish.. my strep throat were a sultry siren call that would lure tourists to their doom in the hudson river..... sleep with the fishes...
i wish.. to re-gift all of this shit
i wish.. tickle & boom were real
i wish.. to slide on my sweat into the new fuckin awesome new year!!!!
i wish.. drugs
i wish.. for a funky-house, Godfather of Soul James Brown funk down on the dancefloor on NYE!!! Anything is possible...
i wish.. good friends were easier to find....
i wish.. that people didn't get high on their own supply. hint. hint.
i wish.. for Fast car driving - Sleek and modern - Public transit - Photos waiting - Blood and glass - Three points of rain - Carpet lining- Seats reclining
i wish.. i knew what i was doing
i wish.. I were an Oscar Meyer weiner..
i wish.. Santa would pay taxes
i wish.. these days, could, come back once more...
i wish.. i had better internet know.....a better connection....
i wish.. watemelon was in season
i wish.. to r.o.c.k. in the u.s.a.
i wish.. to love and dance like for ever!
i wish.. we make it big
i wish.. for a winter wonderland
i wish.. for january 31st cause i'm ready to DANCE MOTHA FUCKA!!!!
i wish.. people were more educated and aware of the world around them.
i wish.. for a beautiful wingmate to dance in the new year
i wish.. to party til it hurts my brain
i wish.. to party like bubbles in champagne
i wish.. I had money
i wish.. that The Breakfast Club would marry The Fight Club: The detention hall would be a cage fight between all the money's on Ally Sheedy
i wish.. Urkel would swear like a sailor
i wish.. Tom Cruise makes another million...or several million dollars
i wish.. Heckle and Jeckle was Jeckle and Heckle
i wish.. Wile E. Coyote catches the Road Runner
i wish.. Might Casey doesn't strike out
i wish.. I can fall asleep
i wish.. to write the songs that make the whole world sing
i wish.. to be up in a tree with a monkey or three weeeeeee
i wish.. for humilty....
i wish.. that people didn't wear sunglasses at night.
i wish.. for a good dentist
i wish.. for a climbing wall
i wish.. to share serenity of heart, peace of mind, & joy so immense that its almost tangible
i wish.. for love
i wish.. for warm snow
i wish.. for a money honey that i can puddle cuddle with
i wish.. i wish for tax free money
i wish.. to do it 'till i'm sore
i wish.. to be peacefully
i wish.. witches wished which watch watches which witch....i wish.
i wish.. to wish for more wishes
i wish.. you were here
i wish.. i could meet darth mauler
i wish.. i was a strip shop maller
i wish.. I was a little bit taller
i wish.. I was a baller
i wish.. I had a girl who looked good I would call her
i wish.. I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four Impala
i wish.. I was llike six-foot-nine so I can with Leoshi cause she don't know me but yo she's really fine
i wish.. for their one plus one to make three
i wish.. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. be vewwy vewwy quiet.......i'm huntin' wabbits.
i wish.. choo choo chooochoOOO!
i wish.. others didn't have to suffer for my laid back lifestyle
i wish.. you were my flame
i wish.. people would stop kidding themselves
i wish.. i could breathe underwater
i wish.. it was longer.
i wish.. da WON i love
i wish.. i had a watermelon
i wish.. to not panic as the sky falls down as gravity gets reversed on january 1st.
i wish.. not peelikeforever.
i wish.. for people to stop breaking hearts.
i wish.. to live this life i lead forever because she's so damn good to me, thank god for Ran+Dom-ness
i wish.. for better communtication
i wish.. penguins and lions could mate
i wish.. there were cartoons before movies instead of commercials
i wish.. to see popcorn nekked
i wish.. to be covered in chocolate.
i wish.. I was in her arms.
i wish.. i could get to work by surfing
i wish.. to dance like forever.
i wish.. to be your lover.
i wish.. to dance my ass off!!!!!!
i wish.. to find a cheaper more reliable source......
i wish.. i could be invisible. . . or time travel.
i wish.. fish sticks
i wish.. peace and happiness upon you
i wish.. to see movies of my dreams
i wish.. the oil industry goes down
i wish.. for a kiss from some juicy lips
i wish.. for a bit of heaven in '07
i wish.. for a message in a bottle

..anything is possible..

new year's eve
@ center stage
48 w. 21st st
4th floor
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